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We drastically revamped the corporate website of one of the leading Russian architectural bureaux to make it impressive and unique and to improve UX.

WebsiteABD architects is an architectural firm that has been successfully operating in Russia since 1991 and who conducts their activities in three principal areas: architectural design, interior design, and architectural consulting services.

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InfographicsWe used Infographics as one of the most important design elements. ABD architects have a number of completed projects that are well worth bragging about.

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We used a flexible grid to show many stunning pictures and informative texts. And we did our best to show the large-scale construction that is important for our client. And we added some quotations, sometimes funny ones, as a special treatment.

Special Projects

One of the key features of the revamped website is the photo gallery. All pictures are individually scaled to fit the screen to give the viewer the opportunity to see the images in their best light.

We also designed and created ABD Architects’ corporate Facebook page, and in addition did all coding and programming necessary for the creation of a nice and simple content management system.