According to numerous requests, we continue the glorious tradition of delighting our audience with the calendar for the New Year. In this one, we will answer questions of vital importance.

Uninhabited January! How to survive and what to do after?
Only in the NewIdols New Year calendar! Bonus: three recipes how to get rid
of an old Christmas tree, for free.

What can you do with your neighbor? Who is Mashka? And how is the cat involved?
Whole truth in our calendar!

Terrible WiFi mysteries and secrets of proper care for plants! Unique materials - only here, only in our calendar!

Trendy look to riding vintage vehicles! For children over 18 years! Check out in our calendar and do not repeat while driving a car!

Scandalous return of the hero! What does the box of tangerines hide? The whole truth about the customs clearance of citrus in our calendar!