FreeSky is the unique product that helps to automatize online airticket booking through the Internet and terminals

BrandingWhat a high-end automatization system should be? Totally simple, clear and visual? Obviously! We've created logo and branding that exactly fits this image. Branding underlines all the benefits of the product without any conflicts.

User InterfaceClear user interface helps to find, book and immediately issue a ticket. The system also allows refunds and making changes to the purchased airtickets

Search Results

Search ResultsSearch has lots of necessary features. You can find airtickets for simple or multiple destinations routes. Results are grouped by airlines, flight costs are detailed and clear, ability to switch between automatic or manual PCC search.

BookingAirticket booking process is easy and fast. If you use web-terminal there is no need to install any additional software or get IATA accreditation.

Ticket IssueE-ticket is issued immediatly. There is an option of automatic booking cancellation after a certain period if the tickets issue is not required.

Promo WebsitePromo website tells a simple story of all features and benefits of the system.

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