Promo site for R-connect, fast and comfortable
internet bank of Raiffeisenbank.


Key objective was to tell a story about the internet bank R-Connect, its' features and benefits. Our main idea was to create a continuous and connected story in order to avoid getting another set of presentation slides with lots of beautiful pictures.
An object is needed to keep the integrity of the image. Laptop that shows the internet banking user interface became that object, and the animation became a common thread. What could be more visual and clear?



Minimalistic and lightweight design is built around the internet banking service. We did not use extra illustrations and kept focus on the R-Connect features.

Laptop is the central object that shows the most important — the benefits of the internet bank. As you scroll through the site, the laptop changes and shows different features of R-Connect.


We paid special attention to the animation. It is connecting different parts of the promo site and makes the story about R-Connect logical and inseparable.


The website is adaptive and looks good on any device, whether it's a computer with a wide-screen monitor or a tablet.

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