Corporate website of Russia's largest private operator of the centralized water supply and canalization


In the new phase of rebranding Rosvodokanal Group has updated the official website. The aim of this radical renewal was to improve communication and establish a regular exchange of information between a company and its target audiences.

The previous version of the website did not meet the essense and the spirit of the company, the national operator of the water industry, international player that uses the latest technology to ensure uninterrupted access to clean water. The global goal was to express the radically new image of the organization, to change the perception of the company and the industry as a whole, as the open, understandable and expert.


We have created a simple and clear navigation, which made the website a convenient tool for obtaining information for all audiences of Rosvodokanal: consumers, investors, employees, governments, the business community and the press, environmental, social, charitable and other organizations and communities.


Priorities of the company, important indicators and results of operations were placed on the key website pages in order to confirm the openness of the company's. And we have presented all the data with the maximum use of infographics to facilitate the perception of information.

For Consumers

We have used an interactive illustration of the water supply and canalization system and created a map of the regions where the company operates with the ability to obtain basic information about all the companies of the Rosvodokanal group.

Thus, by combining visual and modern technological solutions we have created an effective tool to increase awareness of Rosvodokanal Group and, at the same time, to increase the prestige of public utilities by changing the image of this industry.

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