Tutitututu 2.0

In 2010, we've created prototype and graphic ​​design for the travel portal Tutitututu. In 2013, based on data analytics, we have proposed a number of improvements to the key pages of the user scenarios and to improve conversion and usability.


It was necessary to reorganize the basic scenarios of finding and buying tickets, make them more precise - unambiguous and focused on the goal action.

Optimized Search

Unification of search through the entire website has made the process more convenient and intuitive for the user. Simplification and optimization of the search form increased its conversion.

Special Offers

Special offers are important for the user. We've focused users' attention on them by making them simple and attractive.

Precise scenario helps user to avoid making mistakes or get lost, even when searching for tickets complex trip.

Search Forms
Search Results

We've redesigned some elements and added a few new ones to prioritize and focus users' attention on what's important.

Grading results

We have identified the most popular search results: the cheapest and fastest flights because these tickets is a large portion of sales.


Additional filtering system has became more flexible to provide users with most relevant search results.

Choosing Flight Popup

Opportunity to see all the options and flight details of the chosen direction and airlines has made search results more descriptive.

Payment and
Step 1

Now you can change the number of passengers even in the process of booking tickets.

Step 2

Now there is a handy feature of free ticket reservation for a certain time.

Step 3

More payment options are available for buying tickets now.

Electronic Tickets

E-ticket has become more graphical and informative.

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Версия ‘13
Версия ‘10
Версия ‘13