TVCenter We have revamped the web site of one of the leading Russian TV channels to make it modern and informative.


The main page is the face of the channel. We have found a balance between major news feeds and announcements for the most interesting up-and-coming films and programs. The mosaic structure of the website allows different accents to be used for content relating to news and other programs, allowing for effective highlighting of the main news and the most important premieres.


Main Page

The main page of the website is visually divided in to two sections: news and programs. To make a clear separation between them, the news is displayed on a light background, while the blocks that are related to programs are on a dark background, so they can be easily noticed and distinguished between by the viewer.

TV Channel

The promo area at the top of the page displays information that is of the greatest interest and importance on the TV Center channel. Below this is a subject heading list with announcements of programs, films, TV series and a brief detail list of all programs on the channel.
Also, the TV channel page has a live broadcast section showing announcements for program which is currently being broadcast, including the people involved, and a news widget.

On-Air Widget

Program Page

This is one of the key pages of the website. The layout of this page allows the channel’s editorial board to choose a convenient way to present information about a program, TV series or movie: all episodes, description, lists of hosts and guests, broadcast schedule, a photo gallery and user comments.


The news section is very different from other parts of the TV Center website, having its own grid and other special interface elements. In terms of the comprehensively engineered design and structure, this section could actually exist on its own if it were a unique project. The news section main page concentrates solely on the streaming of major news and events of the day.

Single News Page

A single news page can contain either a short message, or a long article. We designed this page to suit any type of news and we have provided all the necessary elements of the user interface.

List of Programs

Here the viewer will find a convenient alphabetical list of all programs, series and movies for the TV Center channel.

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This was one if the largest and swiftest projects successfully completed by our company. In a very short time we were able to improve an existing site. We presented every new page individually, describing its behaviour and functions from the largest to smallest interface elements.
We have modified and improved every page, each element, sometimes even down to punctuation! :)